History of Competent Synergies

Starting off in the nascent stage as an agency for survey, collection and verification, we moved on to the BPO sector with the boom in the telecom industry.

We were one of the pioneers in the field in this region. Ours is perhaps one of the few service providers that own the confidence of all telecom companies, enough for all to give us their business.

We at Competent Synergies are proud to share that 75% of our tactical team has over 10 years of experience in multiple telecom service management.

Our offers are structured along domain expertise based industry verticals and specialized horizontal service offers.

This ensures that subject matter experts manage operations and the relevant operational skills are readily deployed for ensuring optimal service delivery.

Looking back and beyond, the values and principles that we have lived by since the beginning of this journey have been honesty, integrity, perseverance and hard work.

We have added to our strength in numbers with the belief that 1 and 1 do not just make 2, but standing beside each other they have the strength of 11. So with each of our partners, employees and clients joining in, we have grown from strength to strength.

We are ‘Competent with God’s grace’ and pray that we continue to be so for all times to come.

Our Mission

To provide services to our customers while bringing value through stellar customer experiences

Our Values

We work towards value creation

We go the extra mile to provide value which our partners love and keep coming back to us for

We put our customers first

Our customers are the beginning and end of everything for us. When we onboard a new customer, we go way beyond a mere business transaction to help our customers to the best of our abilities

We always strive for Quality

Our work speaks for itself. With an immpecable track record of quality, our customers seldom leave us.

200000daily customer interactions
5000jobs created
40satisfied clients

What differentiates us?


When we say we’ll do it, we give it everything we have. Time and space don’t matter thereafter.


If integrity is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Integrity is existence for us.


Processes and systems once setup, operate like clockwork.


Elasticity to scale for your business is built into our DNA.

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. Lets talk, to make it happen. Contact us today →