Security & Survelliance

Identity records with ID Cards & Biometric systems help control the security threats that are prone at any location with large inflow and outflow of people

Central Air-Conditioning & Power Backup

Air Conditioning with a centralised building control helps maintain temperature in collective and segemented areas with ease. The whole system is supported by a large 500KVA backup facility at each centre.

On-premise Cafe

Our cafeteria serves variations from Indian, Punjabi, Italian, American cuisines and more. And finger food, is the best that you can find around! Don’t forget to try the Punjabi Lassi 🙂

One-of-a-kind Roof Parking

With large numbers coming into office everyday, utilisation of space becomes extremely important for an organisation. We’ve utilised the rooftop for parking the two wheeler vehicles which are connected to the ground via ramp.

Our Presence across India

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