Back Office Support

Back Office Support

Working behind the scenes, but far more impactful

Our teams focus on attention to detail and care when dealing with sensitive information and documents of valuable customers of our clients

Back Office Support for Address Verification, Credit Verification, Personal Discussion & KYC

Analysis of the information obtained & submitted by feet on street through the use of FeetPort
In depth checking of the information considering the guidelines laid out
Decision on the cases as positive / negative / referral. All of this depends upon the analysis of the information captured
Sharing analytical reports with our clients

Document Management

A Document Management Process constitutes the combination of field and back office activity, wherein field and back office support services are clubbed to facilitate the business operations of an organisation

Door pickup facility
Retrieval of documents
Digitisation of documents
Sharing documents with regulators
Storage of physical documents
Client / Customer facilitation

Central Processing Agency

As a CPA, we provide backend activities wherein the preliminary or allied activities of the main business or unit of an organisation are outsourced externally, so as to facilitate the business or underwriting team to focus on their core business operations.

Undertaking preliminary activities
Facilitation in decision making
Maximise process productivity