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To assure the best of our services to the clients, we share Debtor’s based Analysis and segregation of customer base with our partners. This activity includes due-date intimation campaign through voice, IVR, E-mail, and text message. The team is involved in pre barring reminders, post due date collection, and pre and post-barring collections. Our team also captures the disputes raised by customer and ensure timely resolution by extending hand with partner.

We have multipied our presence geographically to facilitate our partners in field based collection activities. The backend associate before allocating visit info to the ‘feet-on-street’ assesses various factors like age on network and average revenue of customer etc. He also ensures security and compliance of payment commitments fulfilment of customers by reaching them telephonically. Our field backend executive handles cash management with banks and also assists in cheque mode payment deposit. He upkeeps the daily reporting and collection activities by capturing customer feedback submitted by FOS and also maintains their reports bill cycle wise and geographically

A field supervisor comes in the big picture to analyze non-payer data and prepares an action plan to cater to regular non payers. He also supports the field team in revisits post resolution to the customer who has raised dispute earlier. Supervisor coordination with telecollections team on irregular payer also helps in enhancement of revenue.

FeetPort powers our entire workforce with a connected ecosystem of mobile & web applications which enables multi-process and geographical deployment of new processes within minutes. It has been created by our group company, Competent Groove.

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