Timely delivery and pickup, all under one roof

Route optimisation is what drives our team to meet deadlines of our clients

An effective delivery network is the foundation of any logistics company. We are proud to have our presence in 10 states of India where we are available for servicing our clients through multi-farious activities via our strong field workforce.

Our delivery network is enabled by implementation of stellar software and our processes which fulfil the customers requirements and maximise throughput.

Once the customer’s commodity or bills have been delivered, our team ensures the updates on the activity to our headquarters digitally.


Our field workforce engages very closely with the clients who have outsourced their on the spot billing processes to facilitate the fastest and accurate bill generation.

The field team which is spread over a vast area in a given state, are outsourced work for only a single Government body whose bill generation is calculated after meeting the customers and checking the precise amount of user consumption of the public services like water, electricity etc.

Each field executive, carries with him a small machine, called ‘Spot Billing Machine’. It is the size of a credit card reader and can be easily carried within a backpack. Once the executive reaches the customer’s location, they can easily take the reading from the customer’s installed meter and then calculate the bill, on the spot using the machine. The machine receives up to date information about previous transactions as well, since it is connected through internet to the client’s server via a 3G cellular connection

FeetPort powers our entire workforce with a connected ecosystem of mobile & web applications which enables multi-process and geographical deployment of new processes within minutes. It has been created by our group company, Competent Groove.

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