Our workforce verifies your customers with a keen eye

We have our feet and head on the street, enabling our customers to capture the pulse of each and every process which we managed on their behalf

Address Verification

Our team verify the existence of persons at given address alongside the period of stay, ownership and some 3rd party checks to confirm the occupance. The backend team work very closely with the team on the ground to make sure that the results captured are accurate to the maximum

Credit Verification

Credit Verification is far more time consuming due to the security hazards it imposes and also requires attention to detail for organising the data captured from the field teams. Besides the information captured during Address Verification, this process also mandates the capture of Family details, earning member details, income details to calculate the credit worthiness of a person

Personal Discussion Visits

These visits are carried by our specialised senior officials with over 15 years of experience and are specifically trained to evaluate financial information of businesses. An observation is carried out on the balance sheets, audit reports, VAT returns, turnover of business and other business parameters to gauge the worthiness of a loan/policy applicant

KYC Complainces

Identity and Address proofs are required by various financial organisations and e-commerce companies for validating the customer worthiness. These details are instantly updated to the backend servers through high efficiency mobile apps which power the entire workflow of KYC.

FeetPort powers our entire workforce with a connected ecosystem of mobile & web applications which enables multi-process and geographical deployment of new processes within minutes. It has been created by our group company, Competent Groove.

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